Welcome to Here you will find information about common Gynaecological problems and their treatment.

This site is written by Mrs Ami Shukla who is a Female Gynaecologist at Three Shires Hospital, Northampton , Woodland Hospital, Kettering and a Consultant Gynaecological surgeon at Northampton General Hospital.


With private practices at :-

Ramsay Woodland Hospital, Rothwell Rd, Kettering, England, NN16 8XF

Woodland Hospital Mrs Shukla consults at Woodland Hospital in Kettering. She offers wide range of gynaecological services.

The clinics are held on Wednesday evenings, Friday evenings and Saturday morning.

Appointments can be made on (01536) 414515.

BMI Three Shires Hospital, The Avenue,
Cliftonville, Northampton NN1 5DR
BMI Three Shires Hospital Mrs Shukla Consults at Three Shires Hospital in Northampton.
Full range of diagnostic and therapeutic gynaecological services are available there including ultrasound scanning.

The clinics are held every Wednesday afternoon. Consultation on other days is possible with prior arrangement.

Ring Appointment line at Three Shires Hospital to arrange your appointment
01604 885003

Urogynaecological and gynaecological services provided

Mrs A Shukla provides a professional service for the assessment and treatment of a wide range of gynaecological issues which includes the following:

Bladder function:

• Cystitis (urinary infection)
• Urge / frequency (overactive or urgent bladder)
• Urge incontinence (leak with urge)
• Stress incontinence (leak with exercise or activity)
• Voiding difficulty (problem with bladder emptying)
• Painful bladder symptoms (interstitial cystitis)
• Bedwetting
• Coital incontinence (leaks during sex)

Vaginal support:

• Lax vagina or prolapse (vaginal bulge or lump)
• Vaginal wind

Childbirth / pregnancy related issues:

• Incontinence or other bladder problems
• Painful perineum or wound healing issues
• Sexual difficulties
• Cosmetic vaginal issues after childbirth

Bowel function:
• Constipation / difficulty with bowel emptying
• Bowel incontinence
• Urgent / frequent bowel symptoms

General and adolescent gynaecology:
• Painful or heavy periods
• Enlarged or asymmetric labia
• Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
• Contraception difficulties
• Pre-menstrual syndrome / pelvic pain
• Absent or infrequent periods

Sexual function:
• Painful sex
• Loss of libido (interest) and other difficulties
• Vaginismus